Incrementally Improving the Sign-up Flow


TELUS Home Services web order fulfillment pages had been impacted by several adjacent updates and required a focused revision to clear up problem areas and to address accessibility standards.


1. Conversion optimization by streamlining the user flow

2. WCAG 'AA' accessibility compliance

My Role

Senior Interaction Designer

Tasks & Process

1. Heuristic evaluation of the order fullfilment process

2. Site usage data analysis for user issues and fall-off

3. Iterative redesign of problem areas and conversion optimization

4. Usability testing

5. A/B testing to validate


2.9% increase in conversions as a result of the changes made

  • Categories:
  • Skills:
    • A/B Split Testing
    • Content Inventory
    • Conversion Optimization
    • Data Analytics
    • Heuristic Evaluation
    • Information Architecture
    • Interaction Design
    • Iterative Design
    • Task Flows
    • Usability Studies
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