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Data Aggregation to Improve Netflix Browsing


MyFlix is an idea by James Willock of Performance by Design to provide Netflix users with a better browsing and bookmarking capability.


1. Collect all data from the Netflix API and to more easily show all content rather than Netflix filtered content

2. Aggregate data from other major TV and movie review sources to show for each listing: Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic, and IMDB

3. Design a pleasing site to present these listings and show critic reviews written specifically for MyFlix

4. Allow users to create accounts and save their own bookmarked items

My Role

Web Developer, Data Architect

Tasks & Process

1. Stakeholder interviews and requirements gathering

2. Define data architecture

3. Drupal Configuration

4. Coding automated data collection from all Netflix API, Rotten Tomatoes API, Metacritic, IMDB API

5. Design integration

6. Usability testing

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  • Skills:
    • Content Inventory
    • Data Analytics
    • Database Aggregation
    • Information Architecture
    • Task Flows
    • Web Development
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