Eavesdropping UX Research

Evaluating Interaction & Social Engagement with Art


Eavesdropping was a UX research project to explore the impact of device interaction on social awareness in public spaces.


1. Define a conceptual framework which correlates device engagement and immersion to social presence

2. Construct a survey and interview research methodology to measure engagement, immersion, and social presence

2. Investigate the amount and types of device interaction which impact social presence awareness

3. Produce an installation which balances device interaction with social awareness to evaluate connections between participants

4. Gather data through guerrilla performances, art installations and controlled environment tests.

My Role

Principal Investigator, Web Developer, Grant Writer, Interaction Designer

Tasks & Process

1. Literature review of current models of interaction, immersion, and social presence

2. Construct models of a new conceptual framework

3. Validate that framework through a series of pilot studies

4. Develop prototypes to examine the correlation

5. Conduct controlled tests and field studies to evaluate the hypothesis

6. Produce a functional web-based device controlled interactive installation

Awards & Presentations

404 International Festival of Electronic Art, Trieste, Italy, 2008

Rhizome Commission Award Winner, New York, NY, 2007

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  • Skills:
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Grant Writing
    • Information Architecture
    • Interaction Design
    • Survey Design
    • Usability Studies
    • User Interviews
    • Web Development
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